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yearbooks search results

Whether you lost your high school yearbook or want to see somebody else’s, Classmates® has you covered. You can search their archive of over 470,000 high school yearbooks, some dating all the way back to the late 1880s, and purchase many of them in hardcover or softcover. To begin your search, select the year you graduated, or pick any other year you’re interested in viewing a yearbook from and follow the prompts. A free registration on allows you to browse through every yearbook in their collection, find your friends, and even tag yearbook photos.


Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Feeling nostalgic? Yearbooks are the best gateway to your past. What hairstyles were popular when you were in school? Did you have to wear a uniform? What did you wear to the prom? Browse high school yearbook photos from way back when. You can reminisce about school dances, sporting events, after school activities, and more of your favorite high school memories, all on Browsing through the yearbook archive on is like looking into a window to the past.

How Can Help You Reconnect with Your Old Friends

Are you feeling nostalgic and longing to reconnect with your old high school or college friends? can help you achieve just that. With over 70 million registered users, is the perfect platform to search for and connect with old classmates. Whether you want to reminisce about old times or catch up on each other's lives, is the place to be.

Rekindling First Love: How Can Help You Find Your First Crush

Did you have a crush on someone in high school or college that you never got to confess your feelings to? With, you can find your old crush and finally tell them how you felt.'s powerful search engine allows you to search for people by name, school, or graduation year. So, what are you waiting for? Rekindle your old flame with

Rediscover Memories: How Can Help You Revisit Your School Days

Do you miss the good old days of school when life was simpler and carefree? can help you revisit those memories. By connecting with old classmates, you can share stories, photos, and memories of your school days. also has a vast collection of yearbooks from different schools, which can help you revisit your school days and reminisce about the good times.

Connecting with Former Classmates: How Can Help You Expand Your Network is not just a platform to reconnect with old friends; it's also an excellent place to expand your network. By connecting with former classmates, you can tap into their professional networks, explore job opportunities, and gain new insights into different industries. So, whether you're looking to reconnect with old friends or expand your professional network, has got you covered.

Finding Closure: How Can Help You Reconnect with Lost Loved Ones

Have you lost touch with a loved one and been unable to reconnect with them? can help you find closure. By searching for people through, you can reconnect with lost loved ones and finally find the closure you've been seeking. Whether it's an old friend or a family member, can help you find them and reconnect.

How do I search for someone from my yearbook?

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Have you lost contact with a friend from your teenage years and are wondering what they’re up to? It’s understandable – nostalgia sets in as the years go by. Classmates makes it as convenient as possible to get back in touch with fellow high school students with its easy-to-use search feature. Once you’ve registered and have selected your school and graduation year, your Class List appear with other registered members from your yearbook. If you’re browsing for somebody not listed under your school affiliation or just want a more direct way of getting to a schoolmate’s profile, you can search for them by typing in their name and/or school at the top right corner of any page. It’s that seamless!

It's time for a reunion! Plan an event with your friends.

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You’ve been in contact with high school friends online, but you’d love to find a way to see them outside of your yearbook. Luckily, you can plan and attend a reunion event through Classmates. A free registration allows you to plan an event and send out invitations to everyone in your class that is also a member of The Reunion page also lets you easily keep track of RSVPs, so you know exactly who will be able to attend your reunion event.

However, it’s not always possible to reunite in person. If reunion season is approaching and you’re all spread out across the country, schedule a virtual reunion instead. On the reunion page of, create an in-person or virtual event by inviting your graduation class, setting a date and time, and adding any important details you want your schoolmates to know. Everyone who in your Class List will receive an email with a prompt to RSVP and directions on how to attend. To send them a reminder, head to the event page. For more information on reunions, go to

What has your grad class been up to?

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Start discussions by posting topics and sharing memories on the Classmates® Conversations page. Anyone from your grad year can see what you’ve written, and then they can respond back! Tell a story from way back when, ask questions, and let people know what your life has been like since graduating. Do you still remember your locker combination? What are some of your current hobbies? How do you spend your weekends? What clubs did you participate in while in school? Discuss any topic from then and now! You can also let your high school friends know what you have been doing since school by telling your story on your profile or uploading photos for your whole class to see.

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The largest collection of high school yearbooks is on your laptop, tablet and smartphone.

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Reconnect and Reminisce

Classmates is a one stop shop for reconnecting with other alumni from your school. Search for high school friends (even by maiden names!), create and view profiles, plan and attend reunions, add photos, and look through thousands of high school yearbooks. It’s time to get back in touch and reminisce with your friends about your high school experiences. Classmates makes it easy to find your school friends, and even let them know that you still remember them.

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Find High School Friends

Search the largest directory of high school, yearbook photos and class lists.